DeSoto 38 at Permian 28

Odessa, TX – The Panthers hosted DeSoto in the 2018 season home opener for Permian on Friday evening at Ratliff Stadium.

Running time – 1:47

Game Summary

Darby Brown and Sydney Cariel are hosts of GameTime, which airs locally on NBC at 10:10 p.m. every Friday night. Darby came to the Odessa-Midland area in June 2017, shortly after graduating from Chapman University in Orange County, CA. She considers herself lucky to being able to share the stories of our unique sports community.

Sydney moved to the Permian Basin in October of 2017 and is a graduate of Arizona State. She has had a passion for sports since she was young. Her passion grew into a love for sports journalism. Sydney’s goal as a sports reporter is to tell the community intriguing stories that go further than the final scores of the games.

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