Mojo Majorettes

The art and activity of twirling is one that combines quality music with an effective visual presentation. Through consistent and positive instruction, it is the goal at Permian High School to provide our students and audiences with both a highly competitive, yet equally entertaining halftime show.

Varsity Members:
Seniors:  Kennedy Taylor and Luna Lozano
Junior:  Kaitlyn Vasquez
Sophomores:  Callie Johnson, Skylar Veracruz, and Autumn Varndell
Freshmen:  Cloe Erwin and Madelyn Clark

Junior Varsity:
Sophia Benavides – Jordan Horton – Jelcea Schaffer
Jayde Bizzell – Mckallie Hernandez – Kailey Hatfield


MOJO Majorettes!!! Go Morgan Hernandez

Posted by Molly Ann Anderson Hernandez on Friday, November 17, 2017



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